5 Bumble Profile Tips for Guys

Squeezing an entire life into 6 pictures and 300 characters isn’t easy on Bumble app…

Attractive photos and an attention-grabbing bio will entice her to send you a message, and that’s your only shot at getting a date – so putting time into your profile is CRUCIAL.

One of the key tips:

1. Lead With Your Strongest Photo

On dating apps, you’re only as attractive as your worst photo. And Bumble is about as photo-driven as an app can possibly be.

She has to scroll past your first photo to see your profile, and then the rest of your photos to see your location.

Meanwhile, she can swipe left at any time. One bad pic and you’re toast… before you’ve even been able to say anything!

Your primary photo is your first (if not only) opportunity to catch her eye. A good profile photo shows you, and only you, looking your very best. Not a shot with 4 friends in it. Not a photo of you wasted on a Friday night. Not a headshot of your dog.

This is your chance to show her you’re confident, approachable, and as attractive as possible.

Here are 3 tips on choosing your strongest Bumble profile pictures, courtesy of advice from Tinder’s expert sociologist Dr. Jessica Carbino:

  • Wear a bright, vibrant color. This makes you stand out from all those guys who opted for neutrals, like blacks and grays.

  • Ditch the glasses and hat. Wearing glasses decreases the odds of a right swipe by 12%. Having a clear view of your eyes and your face is a strong indication of trustworthiness, so when you block the view, people subconsciously assume you’ve got something to hide.

  • Don’t post group shots. This can lead to a major let down if she thinks you’re not the hottest guy in the picture.

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