The Importance of a Professional Headshot

With online presence in today’s society playing such a huge role in the successes of businesses, the photo on your company website or social media profile is often your first introduction to prospective clients, customers and business associates. When someone sees your profile photo online they will make assumptions based on what they see, and so it is more important than ever that your photo presents you and your company in a positive light.

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Think of your headshot as a first face-to-face meeting, how would you present yourself at this meeting? If you are serious about your business and profession, it is important to present a professional image. It is also important that your profile photo looks like you and reflects how you do business so you should consider the message you would like your professional headshot to convey. Eg. confidence, friendliness, approachability, warmth, fun, trust, perhaps even that you’re someone a little different, quirky etc.

But why hire a professional photographer when you have a very good camera and could ask your partner or friend to take a perfectly good shot for you? In professional photography, you pay a professional photographer for their expertise in working with light (whether it be natural light or a studio set-up) to bring out the very best in skin tones, their artistic eye and knowledge about how to position you to capture your best angle and their ability to catch the natural, spontaneous expressions during conversation that make you look confident/friendly/comfortable, etc.

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A good professional photographer will put you at ease so that you are relaxed in front of their camera. A relaxed subject will result in a natural photo with a confident smile with some personality that will create a great first impression. It will show potential clients that you care about your business, that you are professional and that you care about the details.

Flip it the other way, an amateurish profile photo (or worse, no profile photo) indicates that you do not seem to care about the details of your own businesses image or profession. This put you at risk in reducing potential clients or employers' confidence that you would install higher standards when dealing with their contract and work.

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As a professional photographer, I don't just capture ‘one’ lucky shot. A chat with my clients to understand their professional and personality is important for me to capture the right persona for the headshot. It may take a little time to create the right image but it will be all worth it.

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