Six tips for dating profile photos

Six tips for online dating success!

Online dating is about meeting someone with whom you are truly compatible. To really make the most of your online experience, it is vital to know how to best put together a dating profile. Photos are one of the biggest parts of this equation. With help of some researching and advises from dating profile writing specialists, I have discovered six vital notes to consider for your dating photos.

1. Get comfortable

An essential part of taking good profile photos is the environment. Choose somewhere you feel at ease: after all, one of the most important parts of portrait photography is to look relaxed and happy! Whether that means taking the photo in your lounge, or outdoor, if you are familiar with your surroundings, you will be more relaxed and look your best. If you feel comfortable and confident in the photo, it will show in your profile – and that's what you will like to portray in your dating profile !

2. Laying the ground work

Comfort may be king when it comes to an at-home photo shoot, but before getting too relaxed, we need to lay the ground work ! For example, if you go for a shot at home, make sure the background is relatively tidy :).

Prepping yourself is also worth doing. This doesn’t mean giving yourself a full-on glam makeover; give a little thought to how your clothing and make up will work together. Choose colours that suit your personality and skin tone. Try to avoid avoid busy patterns so you remain as the star of the portrait. However, if the unique flowery dress is your favourite piece in your wardrobe, feel free to go for it ! The key to successful dating photos is to look your best while displaying your style and personality.

3. Profile photo no-nos

According to various dating site surveys, constantly wearing sunnies was voted the biggest picture no-no by Australian users. 23% said that they were not fans of profile photos that didn’t show the eyes, making being sun-smart the biggest photo mistake one can make. Other big portrait blunders are having photos that were too revealing (picked by 22%), having poor photo-shopping skills (18% ) and being in too many group shots (15%).

4. Emotion

The most important element to be captured in a portrait is emotion. The more emotional the shot is, the more it appeals to our senses, and the greater the connection we feel to it, therefore creating a memory. Emotions, by their very nature, do not follow static rules...they just happen, based on what a person feels at a given moment of time. Your eyes play an expressive part of your emotions and is vital to show them in your profile photos. Not only will it give your potential matches a window into what you’re really like, it may even give them a stronger sense of connection to you. After all, as William Butler Yeats said: ‘’love comes in at the eye.’’

5. Lighting

With perfect background and clothing selected, there’s just one last step to better photos – the lighting. Try to use natural light, whenever possible. Flashes can be harsh if not controlled properly. Good positioning can help to avoid squinting or harsh shadow. For example, avoid taking photos outside with the sun shining straight into your eyes. Have the sun behind, or to the side.

6. Consider going pro

The final thing you may like to consider when having a profile photo taken is investing in quality professional portraits. A good photographer will make you feel comfortable, provide suitable advises, and take a good selection of images, thus making sure you will be happy with the result. Only 4% of Australian singles use professional shots in their profiles, having yours done professionally is sure to make your display stand out from the crowd !

Dating photos Melbourne

Dating photos Melbourne

Dating photos Melbourne

Dating photos Melbourne

Dating photos Melbourne

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