What is Lifestyle Portraiture ?

From a broad perspective, lifestyle portraiture means the people in the photos are not super posed, aiming at creating photographs that resemble real-life events and everyday life. The primary goal is to tell stories about one’s life or to record memories in different times. Capturing "real lifestyle" photos may mean that the photographer has to creep into your lives and take some quick snaps without you noticing it. However, it is probably not a good idea unless I am specially invited to do so :).

It is therefore important for me to create a comfortable ambience, mood and photograph in a natural environment that my clients could relax and smile like how they usually would. Other than weddings and parties, I love inviting my clients outdoor or suggest to photograph at their home so as to achieve the essence of lifestyle portraiture. Unlike fashion photography, styling in lifestyle portraiture ought to be kept minimal so the real persona of you and your family can be captured in the most natural way.

I always prefer to use real elements of your life, such as the baby cot, your home garden as the backdrop and items that carry meanings to you and your family like nana's knitted blanket. Although minimal styling is recommended, I love seeing when family made efforts in coordinating their outfit for the special day or had ironed the shirt well :).

When looking back, lifestyle portraiture is probably the style that provides the most precious photographs and memories.

Below photo: At the home garden

Family portrait Melbourne

Below photo: Around the tree at the park near home

Family portrait Melbourne

Below photo: At a cafe you choose

Below photos: Playing in the park with own toys and blanket

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