Personal Branding

Photographs that tell your brand story.

Corporate and personal branding helps one stand out from everybody else. In many ways, branding is what makes a business or a person memorable. It is one of your unique qualities that helps you stand out from the thousands of other businesses and professionals alike. Corporate and personal branding ought to be consistent at all times and to stay true to yourself and brand. Good branding helps to demonstrate your knowledge and skills about your areas of expertise. Having quality professional photo of yourself and your team is one of the first steps in achieving successful branding. 

Lirian is a passionate self-taught chef who loves creating delicious and mouth-watering looking dishes, filled with colours and joy.

Since young Lirian loved art and creating wonderful work pieces for family and friends to enjoy. She now uses her artistic talent in cooking and creating dishes that leave wonderful memories.

Chef Lirian

Decide what your key message is and stick to it. Keeping your message focused for your target demographic will make it that much easier to both create content around your personal brand and have others define you.Think of your clothing, hair/makeup and accessories as your ‘packaging’. No matter your occupation or personality, you should have your own personal “dress code” that follows your unique look, tied to your personal brand and goal while maintaining consistency. Being consistent is very similar to having a narrow focus—it’s much easier to get recognized for one topic if you consistently create content and brand voice around it. Ensure that your personal brand promise stays consistent, both online and offline. You have to demonstrate consistency across all your communication, gravitas, and appearance. Don’t underestimate how tiny inconsistencies can derail personal brand effectiveness.”

"Having quality professional photos of yourself  is one of the first steps in achieving successful branding."

Sharing your brand story is the smartest way to make a real impact and cultivate a genuine connection with someone. Not only does a captivating story improve your relationship with your audience, it can certainly improve your bottom line. No matter the medium or platform, storytelling helps you capture attention, pique interest, and entice people to build a relationship with you—but it only works if it’s done well. Brand stories are not marketing materials. They are not ads, and they are not sales pitches. Brand stories should be told with the brand persona and the writer’s personality at center stage. Boring stories won’t attract and retain readers, but stories brimming with personality can. 


Audiences like hearing real stories and background of a business. They want to see what makes you who you are, what makes you unique and authentic. For successful branding, you need to share your “you” on a regular basis and consistently throughout your communications such as social media and your business website. 

Prior to your personal photography sessions, we will discuss what you and your brand is about, to who you are as a person and entrepreneur to help shape the session. The goal is to share your story, and to deliver the right persona and images for your and your brand.

Our Personal Portraiture Classic package is most popular among new businesses to help build their brand story. It also suits established businesses who are looking at updating their profiles in their digital and print communications. We love to hear your brand story and share our passion. Contact us or book your session today.