Family Portrait

Natural lifestyle family portraits for keepsakes

Family portrait is an artistic representation of your family connection focusing to display the emotion and personality of every family member. In photography, a family portrait is not just a snapshot, but a composed image of your family in a still position. Over the years of photographing people, Olinvia has helped many families of all shapes and sizes. With many of our clients, we get the privilege of seeing them grow as a family by taking their portraits every year. 

The Reasons Why


We have realised that families that make time to do a professional family portrait consist of a wide variety of reasons.  Some are  triggered by special events of their life, such as having a newborn to the family, a rare occasion gathering family members from all over the world or simply to record the growth and changes of their family.“Celebration”  is one of the most common reason why people come to have a professional photoshoot is e.g. to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or new addition to the family. A family portrait is a great way to record these special milestones of your family.  


Our Approach

Olinvia loves recording these special milestones of your family life in a personal way.   We particularly love coming to our clients home to hear their families stories. Such as the story of loving parents whom been married for 50years, the nerves of handling their newborn for the first time or even the fuss in getting everyone together for the family shoot. 

Having the photoshoot at home means we can use real elements of your family life. Such as the baby cot, your home garden as the backdrop and items that carry meanings to you and your family. It allow us to create family portraits in a natural lifestyle look. 

Family Portrait

Outdoor Natural Lighting


Outdoor locations such as garden or parks are great for families with young children. Kids love to run around, and happy kids make better photos. With young children we let the kids explore a little bit, find places that they enjoy and keep their interest, and take advantage of these moments. Outdoor shoot allow us to take advantage of natural lighting. Natural light is real.  It is not only flattering on skin tones, but gives a truthful and approachable appearance to the family portrait. 

Family Portrait

Your Home Deco Style


Your family portraits are likely to be printed and hung in your home and hence it is important to consider the style and decoration of your home when proceeding the photo session. Think of the color scheme of your home and what type of portrait style suits best as part of the decoration for your home. In general, we find neutral tone portraits to be the easiest to work with. We do not encourage over styling or staged to keep the authenticity look that will last for many years to come. We believe every home deco need is unqiue, hence we only offer digitals that allow each family to create their own final pieces to hang.  Olinvia has abundance experience in architecture and design and can provide suggestions to the style that might suit your family. We can also provide advice on the type of printing media and quality.

Home Deco - Olinvia K Photgraphy

No matter what your intentions are and which approach you choose, the ultimate objective is always the same, which is to capture the spirit of a happy family. Discuss with us today on your Family Portraiture needs.