Newborn Lifestyle Portraiture

Record the fruit of your Love in an authentic way

We love capturing the organic emotions of the special moments of your family with our Newborn Lifestyle Portraiture session. We are very happy to celebrate and help record this special milestone of your family life with our unique lifestyle photography skill gathered over the years. We capture these special moments for your newborn in the most authentic way. Our baby photography style is soft and smooth, captured by using mainly natural lighting.

What is Lifestyle Look


Lifestyle portraiture means the people in the photos are not super posed,  aiming at recording memories and telling stories about one’s life in still images These photographs resemble real-life events and your everyday life. They should look authentic, as though the moment were photographed by accident. They should feel heart warming when you look back at them in time.


Capturing "real lifestyle" photos may mean that the photographer has to creep into your lives and take some quick snaps without you noticing it. However, that is probably not the best idea :). We love being invited to our clients' home to capture the beautiful unique moments, be it a sneaky smile in baby's sleep or an unstoppable cry.   You are also most welcome to bring your little one to our cosy home studio in Oakleigh South if you prefer. We offer classic look in plain background and bedroom scene at our studio. We don't put babies in a basket, we prefer them laying and tossing naturally on a bed or in your arms. 

Newborn Lifestyle Photograhy

Comfortable & Organic


It is important for us to create a comfortable ambience, mood and photograph in a natural environment that you baby and your family could relax and smile like how you usually would. We are very happy to travel to your home as we understand it is the most comfortable space for you and your little one.  Photographing at home means you will have all your essentials within reach.


Unlike fashion photography, styling in lifestyle portraiture can be kept minimal so the real persona of you and your family can be captured in the most natural way. We do not encourage over dressing your baby or overly staging the scene to keep the authenticity look that will last for many years to come. We also prefer to use real elements of your family life, such as the baby cot and items that carry meanings to you and your family. Having said that, it always wonderful when family members make efforts in coordinating their outfit for their photoshoot.


Using natural light


We love creating airy and soft looking images for newborn and family session. Using mainly natural lighting, our newborn portraiture sessions are conducted comfortably without the use of harsh flashes.  We look for areas at your home for the most suitable backdrop and comfort that offers abundance of natural lighting. We also bring our soft light boxes to enhance environment lighting that gives a soft glow on skin tone. 


When to photograph


There is no rule to when is the best time to capture your newborn photos. Newborn grows very quickly and their look changes every few weeks. For very fresh newborn look, we recommend photographing within the first two weeks of birth. Some parents prefer to wait a little for baby's features to be more grown. In general, baby still look like a newborn within their first 2 months of birth. 3 to 6 months is a good period to capture a variety of expressions and milestones such as sitting and crawling.

Baby Photography

Your home deco & style


Your newborn and family portraits are likely to be printed and hung in your home and hence it is important to consider the style and decoration of your home when proceeding the photo session. Think of the color scheme of your home and what type of portrait style suits best as part of the decoration for your home. In general, we find neutral tone portraits to be the easiest to work with. We believe every home deco need is unqiue, hence we only offer digitals that allow each family to create their own final pieces to hang.  Olinvia has abundance experience in architecture and design and can provide suggestions to the style that might suit your family. We can also provide advice on the type of printing media and quality.

Collect the wonderful memories


New birth is just the first few months of a new chapter for your family. It is a time full of love, joy and fresh experiences. Things evolve quickly during the first year of newborn and we believe photography helps family preserve these wonderful memories. We love documenting special events like this in the most natural and beautiful manner.  Lifestyle photography approach is probably the best style that helps to preserve these precious memories in the most authentic way. Our First Year Baby Photography package is one of our most popular packages where we help you collect the wonderful milestones of your baby's first year. 

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