Graduation Photos

Fresh and modern portraits for your Graduation

First of all, congrats if you are looking at this page while preparing for your graduation day ! Graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments. Rather than a usual traditional formal graduation photos with plain background, why not book a personal portraiture session for a more natural and fresh look ? Olinvia K Photography specialises in natural lighting photography and our style fresh and modern.  We love taking portraits in a natural environment or a context that suits your special occasion. It is  an important day and you will want to capture and cherish those wonderful memories for yourself and with your love ones.  

We love portraits in a natural environment and context that suits your special day.​


Most graduations are held outdoors or have an outdoor setting after the ceremony. So there should be plenty of natural light around, perfect for some lovely portraits.  If your graduation is held within your campus, you will have a chance to take photos in places that are meaningful to you. Maybe there is a special spot such as a hidden garden which you liked to study or an area you and your friends hung out at after classes. We can certainly include these areas to capture your memories in a wonderful manner. 


Capture moments in places that are meaningful to you.

Your graduation photo session can be  arranged on the same day of your graduation or at another timing. Remember, it's your graduation and it is important to just have fun while letting me capture the moments for you to cherish.


Choose from one of our Personal Portraiture or Family Portraiture packages and contact us today !