Business Headshots

Specialising in Business Portraits, Corporate Headshots, Team Photos, Staff Photos, Personal Branding and Linkedin Profile

A professional photo in your professional biography, such as a business website or Linkedin,  gives your reader a personalised view. When someone is interested in you or your business,  they want to  know more and connect with you. By exposing your face rather than just letting them read a narrative description allows the viewer to create a more emotional connection with them. Adding a quality headshot gives a profile more credibility, shows more professionalism and  makes your business seem friendlier. For every Business Headshot session,  it is important for us to understand your needs and requirement. Together with you, we craft the most suitable style, expression and poses. There is no limit to the number of frames we take in each session, the objective is make sure we have sufficient raw material to select the best. 


Previously trained in Architecture and Design, Olinvia worked for Chanel in Store Design for many years before leaving the corporate world.  Her MBA qualification allows her to understand the needs of business environments and how they operate. She now combines her past professional experiences to capture business headshots that are modern, fresh and natural. We believe every person has unique requirement and we will work with you to understand and achieve the results you seek, be it for Linkedin profile, personal brandingcorporate group or staff photos

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